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What's in a name?  More than you might think.  Each surname carries an individual history that has been shaped by all the forebears of that name.  In palmistry, the left hand usually tells you what you are born with, the right hand what you made on your life.  So too with family genealogy.  Word origin and DNA will provide a starting point.  But the history and events over time can give these names their distinctive characteristics and traits. 

The site contains select surnames of English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish and other European origin.  The table below shows the list of the 120 surnames that are reviewed here.  

Site Map: Select Names

Archer Coleman Graham Kruger Peterson Spalding
Connolly Griffiths Larkin Petrie          
Atkins Craven Harper         
Leadbetter Pitt Stein
Crowe Harvey Lomas Pollock/Polk Stern
Hawkins Long Porter Swift
Barlow Daft Hickey Mackay  Quinn Tennyson       
Dempsey Hodge Marshall Rathbone Terry
Bassett  Dow Hoffman Massey Rees/Reese Tobin
Blair Duffy Holt Matthews Richards Tyler
Bliss Elliott Houston McKenzie Robson Tyson
Bloom Farrell Hunter McMahon Roosevelt Upson
Bradley Ferguson Irving Mead
Van Buren
Fisher Jacobs Metcalfe Rowe Vincent
Fletcher Jardine Montgomery 
Ryan Wainwright
Burns Forbes Jenkins Murdoch Ryder
Cameron Forsyth Joyce Newman Sachs Warner
Carey Franklin Kellogg Nicholson Sainsbury Weinberg
Friedman Kidd
O'Connor Savage Wells
Christie Gates Knox O'Neill Schiff
Churchill Geary Kramer Owen Snow Yardley

Have a look at some of these surnames - other than your own - to see the extent of the rich tapestry of life that can exist in family names.

Each surname on this list includes: a name origin or derivation; a history of the name through time and countries; some notable people who bear this name; and further internet resources on the name (we have only chosen those sites that are readily accessible without charge on the internet).

Enjoy the site!

Colin Shelley

PS.  If your surname does not appear in the list above, you might want to check out the surname page in this website.  It covers surname genealogy for more than 1,000 surnames.  These surnames are to be found in this and these companion websites: